Drive Systems


Powerful brush-less DC motor system with purpose-built controller module. Designed to achieve maximum performance in minimum dimensions.

The BM-3168B motor is capable of producing 200 W at a weight of only 285 g, and it powers a type of professional sheep shearing handpiece –  the e-Shear Fieri.

Technical Specifications
Motor diameter: 31.4 mm
Motor length: 68 mm
Nominal voltage: 48 VDC

Zero-load speed: 18000 rpm
Zero-load current: 0.2 A
Nominal speed rpm: 16000
Nominal current: 4.8 A
Nominal torque: 115 mN ⋅m
Power input: 230 W
Power output (Max.eff): 200 W
Maximum efficiency: 85%
Phase resistance: 0.62 Ω
Torque constant: 23.7 mN⋅m/A
Speed constant: 375 rpm/V
Phase inductance: 75 uH

No. of poles: 2
No. of phases: 3
Weight: 285 g
Max. allowable temp for motor housing: 85 °C
Max. allowable speed: 20000 rpm

Laboratory Curve